Corona protocol

Conference or meeting with 1,5 meter measures

Do you want to organize a ‘coronaproof’ meeting and are you looking for a conference room in which you can meet at 1,5 meters? A space that participants can easily reach and where you can park in front of the door? Then is WICC the location you are looking for.

The new reality is that we are going to live in a 1,5 meter society along with other preventative measures. At least until a vaccine comes on the market, we can’t go back to business as usual. With the large size of our hotel and convention center, a 1,5 meter society is certainly feasible. Therefore, we have completely redesigned the WICC based on this ”new society”. So that we can see and speak to each other live again at a safe distance. So that we can come together again for a meeting in real life and make decisions more quickly. But then of course at a safe distance and according to the set measures.

Want to know more about what a 1.5m conference or meeting looks like at WICC?

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